Cruneo Kreuzfahrtvergleich

Not only are cruises extremely popular, they are also affordable as never before. There are so many shipping companies, ships and destinations to choose from that travellers often have trouble to keep an overview. can help! It's a search engine for cruises that compares tens of thousands of sea and river cruises from well-known providers. They are clearly listed as customers not only base their decision on prices but also on features and services, e. g. beverage packages, wellness or arrival and departure. Cruneo lists the cruises side by side to help users find the best offers suitable for their individual travel plans. The innovative "cruise profile" (Kreuzfahrtcharakter) provides even more overview amidst this overwhelmingly large selection. The demands on ships ad destinations of families with children, educationally hungry, adventurers, or couples seeking peace and quiet are all rather different. For this reason, website users can look at informative photos and create their own individual "cruise profile" within minutes where they can give travel offers a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down". As a result, the match of each cruise is rated in percent. Once the optimal and best-price offer is found, the user is forwarded with one click to the website of the respective travel provider for booking and more information.

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