Jobs within the Cruise Industry

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Either on land or on board, almost everyone can find a job in the cruise industry. In order to outline the grand variety of jobs, it is helpful to have a closer look at the cruise industry.

Before a cruise ship is constructed, a ship owner (the principal) as well as architects, ship designers, engineers and specialists involved in the finance are required for the planning and construction of the future vessel.

In the yard, the cruise ship is then built by craftsmen such as welders, carpenters, etc. and special shipbuilders. In cooperation with the relevant classification society which creates, monitors and controls the technical guidelines for ships, the vessel can leave the shipyard after several checks and important controls such as "SOLAS" (Safety of Life at Sea ).

Across Germany, some 20 000 workers are employed in shipbuilding (DRV, 2010). The first stop of the cruise ship is a port where logistics and forwarding companies as well as port service providers supply the ship with several goods (medicines, food, furniture etc.) and equipment (machine parts, audio equipment, etc.). The port service provider also builds up the gangway to organize fresh water acquisition and to organize the baggage logistics. In order for the passengers to board with any hassle, security companies and the terminal operator take care for a smooth process. After the cruise ship has been made seaworthy, the journey can begin.

A cruise ship is a floating hotel. Accordingly, you will find all positions within the catering and hotel industry onboard a cruise ship: chefs, kitchen staff, service staff in the restaurant, housekeeping employees, ship's doctor, tailor, personal trainer, entertainer, photographer, as well as spa professionals. Moreover, several technicians and nautical officers are definitely needed to make the vessel sail the oceans. For instance, onboard Queen Mary 2, 1253 jobs are offered.

Ashore, the range of job opportunities offered in the cruise industry is very broad. Different branches benefit of the several cruise calls, such as the local gastronomy, retail, cultural institutions, as well as suppliers and the shipping industry benefit.

Jobs within the Cruise Industry