Hamburg Cruise Center Activities

The main driver in developing the cruise business is without saying the HCC. A bright future lies ahead based on the vision shared by its 20 founding members back in 1998 when the association was established to revive the cruise business in Hamburg. Together with the members – who include shipping lines, agents, port companies, ship chandlers, catering enterprises and hotels, the association has turned Hamburg into one of the most popular cruising destinations in Europe.

The structure of the association and the corresponding functions are regarded as Best Practice in the international cruising industry – a prime example of successful destination marketing. Currently consolidating the interests of 120 members from right across the cruising supply chain, the association continues to provide its members with a mutual and meaningful platform from which to expand their cruise business activity from this important and welcome industry.

The association concentrates on two goals: marketing of the cruise destination Hamburg targeted to cruise lines and increasing the public awareness of the economic significance in media and politics.

These two main goals are focussed on by the following actions:

  • acquisition of cruise lines and supervision of the latter at special events taking place at the cruise terminals
  • execution of events and participation at fairs (network of German cruise ports: „Destination Germany“ and Atlantic Alliance)
  • public relations (press conferences, press releases, press activities)
  • monitoring
  • presentations
  • acquisition of members and supervision
  • internet and social media
  • publications

We thank involved people for the contribution to the success of the Hamburg Cruise Center. Now, it is time to prepare for future challenges; one of them is the establishment of Hamburg as a center of excellence within the cruise industry in North Europe.

In January 2011, the HCC has published a resolution focussing on the strengthening of the cruise destination Hamburg in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and the tourism association Tourismusverband Hamburg. Amongst others, main aspects were:

  • formulation of a cruise development plan
  • continuation of the successful work of the HCC as a marketing organisation benefitting the cruise industry in Hamburg
  • usage of synergies between Hamburg Marketing GmbH, Hamburg Tourismus GmbH and HCC
  • commitment of Hamburg’s policy for an improvement of the frame conditions of the cruise calls in Hamburg

The association is financed by fixed membership fees and individual non-monetary benefits by individual members. We therefore ask for your support! If we have aroused your interest, you are welcome to meet us for a non-binding appointment to explain the modalities of joining and the benefits of a membership.

Do not hesitate to contact us: +49 (0) 40 30051 393,


Hamburg Cruise Center Activities

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