27. September 2016 - GREEN CRUISE PORT Project Opening Conference

Cruise Gate Hamburg GmbH

Cruise ports are the essential linking elements or passenger transport nodes. While at the seaside shipping lines and international bodies, e.g. the International Maritime Organization (IMO) are the main actors, on shore national port administrations and terminal operators take over this responsibility.

For this reason, Port authorities from around the Baltic Sea and neighboring North Sea will work together for three years to make the Baltic Sea Region more innovative, more sustainable and better connected, from perspective of cruise tourism. The project is called Green Cruise Port. Its mission is to encourage investments and procedures in environmentally friendly cruise port infra and superstructure as well as in better, smart traffic links to the public transport and supply systems.

On September 27th will take place the official start of the project with the Opening Conference in Hamburg. The conference will serve as a platform to address current and future issues and challenges in the development of sustainability of cruise port locations from three angles:

Sustainable Energy Supply & Innovative Solutions for Emission Reduction
Smart Cruise Terminal Buildings and Innovative Reception Facilities
Smart Port Traffic Solutions and Economic Effects

For more information please contact : Dr. Madlen Thom, UNICONSULT Universal Transport Consulting GmbH/ Tel: +49 40-74008 118 / E-Mail: m.thom@uniconsult-hamburg.de